Facebook Live Panels

Weekly Zoom discussions on everything from training to gear reviews. Each week Jeff Leininger invites special guests to join him on a Facebook Live Zoom Panel to review tips, new gear, training, planning, and preparing for your next event. Class is in session.  


TOPIC: New to Adventure Racing? 

Talking to new racers about their first adventure race and what they have learned. 

Guests include: Tom Quattlebaum and Richard Grizzell

NOV 17, 2020


TOPIC: Preparing for Sea to Sea

Talking to veteran racers about preparing for the Sea to Sea Expedition Race. 

Guests include: Ron Eaglin and Dave Ashley

Nov 24, 2020


TOPIC: Racing with your Kids. 

Talking to parents and kids that adventure race and how they got started in adventure racing. 

Guests include: Eric and Jarod Hart, Jake and Jesse Brewer, Doug and Emma Jones, Jeff and Hunter Leininger

Dec 01, 2020


TOPIC: Paddling Technics 

Learning paddling technics from two of the top paddlers in adventure racing. 

Guests include: Josh Forester and Melissa Coombes

Dec 08, 2020


TOPIC: Packing for a Race. 

Talking with legendary World Record Holder Mike Kloser about ways to pack your backpack for races. 

Guests include: Mike Kloser

Dec 15, 2020



Learning navigation technics from two of the best navigators in the sport. 

Guests include: Mark Lattanzi and Peter Jolles

Jan 05, 2021


TOPIC: Eco-Challenge Fiji 2019 Reunion 

Telling the untold stories of our experience at the World's Toughest Race. 8 different racers from 8 US finishing teams.

Jan 12, 2021


TOPIC: Preparing for Sea to Sea Part#2 

Talking to veteran racers about preparing for the Sea to Sea Expedition Race. 

Guests include: Sonia and Chris Semans, Junos Reed, and Chisty Pollock

Jan 26, 2021


TOPIC: Trail Running 

Talking to the veteran trail runners about preparing for the Ultras.

Guests include: Kristopher Cargile and Jessica Vandenbush

FEB 09, 2021


TOPIC: Team Roles 

In adventure racing, knowing your Team Roles are very important and we will be discussing these roles in detail. 

Guests include: Tim Buchholz of Rib Mountain Racing. 

feb 16, 2021


TOPIC: Women in Adventure Racing 

Talking to veteran Women racers about their experiences juggling family, kids, jobs and racing. 

Guests include: TBD

Apr 06, 2021


TOPIC: TACs at Eco-Challenge Fiji 2019

What does it take to be a great support person for your Expedition Team? We will be talking to TACs for the World's Toughest Race. 

Guests include: TBD

APR 29th, 2021


TOPIC: Blue Ridge AR 2021 Recap

Talking to some of the teams from the Blue Ridge AR about the race!

Guests include: TBD

MAY 18th, 2021


TOPIC: Bikes for Adventure Racing

Everything two-wheeled! What type of bikes are best for AR, accessories, and more. 

Guests include: TBD

June 8th, 2021


TOPIC: Nutrition 

Talking to the veteran adventure racers and nutritionists about how to prepare food for racing. 

Guests include: TBD

June 22nd, 2021