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Image by Peter Pryharski

August 3–6, 2023

Length: 80 Hours

Packed full of everything you want in a race with the most beautiful wilderness backdrop in the US. Teams will be visiting the host city of Breckenridge, which is the most athlete-friendly town in Colorado, with hotels, shops, restaurants, breweries, and, of course, trails everywhere. Teams will be bused to Twin Lakes for the start of the race and work their way back to Breckenridge via mountain bike, trekking, climbing, paddling, and maybe something crazy that has never been in an expedition race before. The lowest elevation teams will have is 9,600 ft and the highest during the race will be over 14,000ft. Join us on this fantastic journey through the best parts of Colorado, while creating life-long memories. This year's disciplines will be orienteering, trekking, mountain biking, and flatwater paddling.

Tentative Schedule

Check-In Starts

12:00pm, August 2


Pre-Race Dinner
5:00pm, August 2


Pre-Race Meeting
6:00pm, August 2


Load Buses
3:00am, August 3


Start (Twin Lakes)
5:00am, August 3


1:00pm, August 6


1:30pm, August 6

Tentative Location

Colorado Mountain College Breckenridge

107 Denison Placer Road, Breckenridge, CO 80424



New to Adventure Racing?

Visit our Resources Page for ARGeorgia Live Panels, Videos, Maps & More!


This is an 80-hour, non-stop race from Twin Lakes, CO to Breckenridge, CO on your own power. Teams will be dropped off at a secret location in Twin Lakes where they will race on foot, mountain bike, canoe and whatever we throw in to get back to the finish. There are up to 6 transition areas and 50 checkpoints to retrieve during the journey. Official finishers are only required to visit all the transition areas from the start to the finish line. All checkpoints are optional; however, teams are ranked by how many checkpoints they retrieve and the time they finished.

This year's race contains no whitewater or ropes sections.


Race Tips from the Race Director

Navigation will be very straightforward with some tricks thrown in however, get familiar with using a TOPO map. There will be no plotting UTM coordinates during this year's race; however, there is an O-Relay during the race so make sure at least two team members can navigate alone. All information forms and maps are waterproof. Train mostly on climbing uphill on foot and bike. Be prepared for any type of weather; August in Colorado at high elevations could be anything from cold rain in the low 40s at night to highs in the 80s during the day. If you have a chance to visit Colorado before the race, then do it.

What We Provide

1. Fresh-cooked pre-race meal from a private chef the night before the race.
2. Transportation to the start location.
3. Transportation for all team bikes, gear, and paddle bags across the state.
4. Canoes, paddles, and life vests.
5. Live coverage with GPS tracking devices so family can follow along at home.
6. Parking for all three days.
7. Boco race hat
8. Long sleeve dry-fit shirt
9. Custom race bib
10. Water, sodas, Gatorade, snacks, and cooked meals at each transition area. 
11. Transportation for any withdrawing teams.
12. Race photos (free)
13. Finisher medals
14. Custom awards
15. Post-race meals


Once your team has registered for the race you will receive updates or changes via the email you provide. Also, video updates and other information will be posted on the Expedition Colorado Facebook Page.


In order to speed up the check-in process on race day, please download and fill in the ARGeorgia Liability Waiver for each team member, and bring to the race with you to check-in.



Rules List is required for review and a copy to be carried during all races.



Mandatory Gear List required for review and to be carried during all races.



As the race company, we reserve the right to alter, postpone, or cancel any race for safety concerns for the racers, staff or volunteers. Adventure races are unlikely to ever cancel due to weather; however, sometimes extreme weather could cause the state parks, city parks or national forest service to shut down the event without any available refunds to racers. In the event the race is canceled more than 30 days out from the race date, refunds or credits will be provided (less 15% for processing).



If your team needs to withdraw, you will receive a full refund (less 15% for processing) 90 days before the event. 50% refunds 60 days before the race date and 0% refunds 30 days out to the day before the race date. Any deferment to another race is the value (less 15% for processing) and are non-refundable. Only 1 deferment to another event, and racers must defer before 30 days from the original event.

Bike Shop and Rentals

The local bike shop for rentals or shipping and setup is:

Carver Ski and Bike

203 N Main St

Breckenridge, CO 80424


1st through 3rd place in the following divisions:

• Coed 3–4

​• Coed 2

• Open Male (Any)

​• Open Female (Any)

• Solo Male

• Solo Female

• Masters Coed 2- or 4-Person (All team members must be over 45)
• Masters Open 2- or 4-Person (All team members must be over 45)

• Masters Solo Male (Must be over 45)

• Masters Solo Female (Must be over 45)

Single Award for:

The Youngest Racer

ARGeorgia is an equal opportunity service provider and employer.
ARGeorgia operat
es under special use permit from the USDA Forest Service.

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