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Saturday, November 5th-7th, 2021
24 Hour Championships

We are extremely excited to announce the ADVENTURE RACING SOLO CHAMPIONSHIPS coming in November of 2021. Showcasing the top Solo Adventure Racers in the US and other countries. In order to qualify for the Solo Championships, you will need to enter and finish as a solo in one of the over 20 qualifying races. Registration begins December 31st, 2020. Once you have completed a qualifying race you may register. This event is open to the first 100 solos and $1,000 for the 1st place overall male and female with free entry to next year's championships. 

Race Format: 

We are looking to crown the best overall solo adventure racer in the US. Good at navigation, thinking for themselves, and speed. The event will also help racers master these skills to be a better teammate in future races. 

The 24 Hour race will be bused to a secret location, so as to prevent scouting the areas before the race. Since the race is all solo racers we will need to separate each solo to prevent teaming up to help each other win, at the start each soloist will draw a random opening trek section. 3 different trek sections designed at the start of the race to force each soloist to head if different directions. Each soloist will be required to complete all three (A, B, and C) trek maps and punches for the section. Think of this as one normal trek section with (9 controls) however, split up into three (3 controls) smaller treks. Each trek section during the race will follow this same format as each soloist comes to a trek, they will be forced to start a different course. Example: The first-place solo comes into Trek Section #2 during the race they will be given Trek Map A and punch card A to head out and complete that Map. Then second-place Solo coming in will be forced to complete Trek Map B and then the third-place solo will be given Map C and so on. The course design may have the same format during the paddle sections as well. This randomness will ensure that the race remains SOLO. 

Now here is where it gets really wild. Live results will be tracking the top 10 racers throughout the 24 Hour race and at the finish, the top 10 Male and Female solos and only the top 10 will compete in a 3 Hour Shootout. They will start over fresh with a new course in an all-out battle for the number 1 spot.  


3 Hour Shootout: 

The Top Ten Overall  Male and Female solos will receive new maps and instructions for the Shootout at 8:30 am sharp as the 24 Hour race finishes. They will have 15-30 minutes to review and prepare to start again. The winner of the Shootout will be crowned the Solo National Champion.

We will begin (3 Hours) live coverage of the Shootout with highlights from the 24 Hour Race and commentary from two of the most experienced adventure racers in the world.  We are also hiring the largest live media crew to cover the championships with over 3 live-feed cameras, 6 embedded videographers, 3 photographers, and 2 drone operators. Family and friends will be able to watch live and after it's all over we will produce amazing race videos telling the stories within the championships.     


1. No sharing maps between other racers. (DQ)

2. No towing of other racers (DQ)

3. No drafting on bikes (30-minute penalty) 

4. No outside maps allowed.

5. No assisting other racers like carrying a pack or pushing the bike. 

6. All other normal AR rules apply. 

US qualifying races: Click here to view!





Course Description:


The 24 Hour race check-in will start at 6:00 am. More information and how you can qualify to enter. 


We supply kayaks, paddles, and PFDs for both the whitewater and paddling sections. 

Racers will be allowed to bring their own paddle gear, however, they must be in a paddle bag.  

Water and snacks will be provided at every TA, however not guaranteed so bring water purification tablets. There will be many stores along the route for refueling.


Spectator maps for guests will be available at race headquarters and online after the race starts. Families and spectators are not allowed to help, supply food, or assist racers in any way during the race. 

Live coverage of the championships will be added to this event from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm on the first day and the last 6 hours of the race. 



Check-in                              4:00 pm - 6:00 pm Friday Night


Pre-Race Dinner                6:00 pm Friday Night

Check-In                              6:00 am Saturday

Pre-race Meeting               7:00 am Saturday 


Load Buses                         7:30 am Saturday

Start                                    8:00 am Saturday


Finish of the Main Race     8:00 am Sunday  


Breakfast                            8:00 am Sunday

Restart of the Top 10         8:30-9:00 am Sunday


Finish of the Top 10           12:00 pm Sunday


Lunch/Awards                   12:00 pm Sunday         












Top 10 Male $1,000 for 1st Place and 2022 Entry

Top 10 Female $1,000 for 1st Place and 2022 Entry

Top 5 Masters Male (40 and over)

Top 5 Masters Female (40 and over)

1st Place Grand Master Male (60 and over)

1st Place Grand Master Female (60 and over)

What You Receive:


Championship Hat

Championship Long Sleeve Shirt

Championship Finisher Medal

Pre-Race Dinner

Food, Snacks and Drinks during the Race

Post-Race Breakfast

Post-Race Lunch

First-Class Awards

Sponsorship Swag




In order to speed up the check-in process on race day, please download and fill in the ARGeorgia Liability Waiver for each team member, and bring it to the race with you to check-in.



Rules List required for review and to be carried during all races.



Mandatory Gear list required for review and to be carried during all races.



Rain or Shine. Adventure races are unlikely to ever cancel due to weather, however, sometimes extreme weather could cause delays or cancellation of the race. Refunds or Race credits will be issued based on each team's condition. If your team needs to withdraw, you will receive a full refund before Early Registration ends or a race credit after Early Registration ends to an upcoming ARGEORGIA race.  


Important Registration Dates: 





2020 Race Pricing:












Once your Team has signed up, an ARGEORGIA staff member will send you a Square invoice if you are using Credit Card

or a PayPal Invoice if you are using PayPal.


If you are Paying by Check.

Please mail checks to:



145 P. Rickman Industrial Dr. #100

Canton, GA 30115


Registration Opens 12/31/20
  • $450 - Per Racer
  • The winner of any of the qualifiers will receive $100 off.